Being needy in Uganda can in simple terms be referred to as lacking access to all the essentials of life starting from food, education, health care, shelter and so on and so forth. Which makes the needy vulnerable in the society to keep depending on the support from a few willing people.

The needy involve the poor orphans, elderly, sick, disabled who have inability to walk, talk, listen, poverty inflicted people, street children who feel that they cannot live nor have a better life without depending on others.

They tend to face so many challenges including deprivation of their rights, violence, hunger, isolation and sometimes death which calls for urgency to help them.

There are different previews about the needy in Uganda depending on their needs.  The way people look at orphans is not the same way they look at the poverty inflicted people since their needs vary from time to time. Though both are under looked by the society and equally need our support.

Sorely, the needy people in Uganda are often isolated by the community. Due to their appearance that makes them bound to discrimination from the society that deprives them of their rights and freedom.

The largest percentage of the needy population in Uganda is the poverty inflicted. Who have no or less access to basic needs of life like food, shelter, clothing and above everything, education for the innocent children .These people are normally looked at as a failures, burden to society and government. Society looks at them as criminals and never considered when it comes to decision making.

Ugandan government and Non-governmental organizations have come up with strategies to address the problems of the needy through sensitization that defend their rights and also empower programs meant to lift them from such conditions like financial accessibility, free education, and many others.

Social media can be another way to help the needy people have a change of life. This is a form of networking that allows connection with different people from different countries either friend, relatives, companies, charity organization that can donate, sponsor and empower the needy people.

Thorough social Medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. One can create awareness about the problems of the needy.  And this can be done through making simple posts of current situations of the needy which may capture the hearts of those that view them hence run to rescue them in different ways.

Also article writing can be another way to change lives via social media. These articles can reach a big platform. Hence raising concern for the need to help needy people through donations and fundraising thus changing their lives.

Using social media can enable one capture the biggest audience that is to say, the executives and this can be achieved through constant posting to increase the visibility and concern to the needy hence helping them to change their lives.

Through partnering with media influencers, one can change so many lives of the needy. This can be done through posting content that can inspire them to join you in the running campaigns to help the needy people have better lives.

Never the less, going viral on social media can be another way of changing lives of the needy. One can de campaign against evil acts like discrimination, torture, child abuse via social media which can by chance change the way people look at the needy in the society and call for better treatment with no discrimination.

Let us adequately use these social media hands including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to change lives of the needy people in Uganda by soliciting for aid, sponsorship’s and donations to the needy as well showing the masses the need to protect this group of people because they are equally humans like any other in the world who just need our support.

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