Gemeinnuetzige Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit

As part of the non-profit outreach & empowerment program, Tuyambe visits local communities and shares, trains, and distributes physics materials for awareness-raising. The program aims to develop a range of interventions that will improve the lives of vulnerable orphans, widows, and children in the community we serve.

So many people in Our communities face a lot of problems but mostly women and children. Some people lack where to stay, food to eat, or even health care. This is where gets its basis to help people in the community through community outreach.


The Community Outreach & Reinforcement Program offers you a premier opportunity for regular learning and community service involvement. In our outreaches, which always take place three times a year. We distribute food, agricultural equipment, and seeds, clothing and have fun with these vulnerable people. Importantly, we also offer free health services like free vaccinations and maternity services on community outreach days, among other things.

There is a lot to learn from these local people while immersing yourself deeply in their grassroots activities. Including how to cook a local dish, visiting their homes, etc. This involvement brings us closer to the community we serve.

Contact us to participate and be a part of the outreach, or you can get involved by donating to this cause.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, sich zu engagieren und nachhaltige Wirkungen zu erzielen