The leading causes of death in Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan are HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria. Which are preventable and treatable. However, these disorders are worsened by the lack of accessible food, water, basic and preventive health services, and hygienic living conditions.

Tuyambe’s health program aims to provide free medical support to disadvantaged orphans, widows, and the elderly in Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

Our team takes the health of orphans and at-risk children seriously because we know and trust that a child’s health is critical to their success. Tuyambe regularly organizes free medical camps, where the children’s health is well checked and relevant and appropriate medicines are given. Those who fall ill will be referred to the local pharmacy.

In Uganda, also improves the health of HIV/AIDS patients as part of its health program. By providing the Basic Care Package (BVP) and Promoting a Positive Lifestyle (PLS). This project uses simple tools to empower people living with HIV. To prevent opportunistic infections, delay HIV progression, and prevent transmission.

So many women, men and youth face a lot of obstacles in Uganda and around Africa. So that’s where Tuyambe’s health program comes in.

We believe that all women, men, and youth should have equitable access to information and services. They need to realize their rights and achieve the highest possible standard of HIV/AIDS-free from discrimination, stigma, coercion, and force

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