Wasser- und Sanitärprogramm

Clean and safe water for Ugandan schools
Water & Sanitation Program

Around 4,500 children die every day from unclean water and a lack of sanitation. Countless others suffer from poor health, reduced productivity, and missed educational opportunities.

Young and old are particularly at risk. Over 90 percent of diarrheal deaths are due to unsafe water and sanitation in developing countries. Such as Uganda, Burundi, and South Sudan occur in children under the age of five.

The poor have been hit particularly hard. A child born in Europe or the United States is 520 times less likely to die from the diarrheal disease than an infant in sub-Saharan Africa. Where only 36 percent of the population has access to sanitation.

Several schools and health centers do not have access to clean water. And this is a major obstacle to their health.

Tuyambe eV is interested in providing safe and clean water to Uganda’s children in the most remote and arid areas of the country.

Many school children suffer from sanitation during school hours due to water shortages when using toilets or doing manual labor. That is what the water and sanitation program is all about.

This program aims to provide clean water to these disadvantaged schools, health centers, and communities.

Other secondary objectives of the water and sanitation program are:

  • Increased proportion of the population with an improved source of drinking water
  • A larger proportion of the population with improved sanitation facilities
  • Build on existing monitoring and address deficiencies
  • Beyond households to include schools and health centers

As part of the water and sanitation program, Tuyambe eV builds wells and boreholes for vulnerable communities and schools with the support of donors and sponsors. Occasionally we purchase and install water tanks in schools.

The Water and Sanitation Program aims not only to provide clean water to households in Uganda; but also to schools and health centers.

When the clean water source is built, Tuyambe will train local schools with better hygiene skills such as; hand washing and menstrual hygiene to ensure children’s hygiene.

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