Tuyambe is a Ugandan NGO based in Germany that strives towards providing support to African children and widows. With a motto that states, “In general, we can`t give the orphan very much, BUT better than nothing.” Tuyambe was founded in 2002 to help disadvantaged people and children at risk across East Africa but particularly Uganda. From the Luganda word Tuyambe which means “Help me,” the organization derives its name from the calls of the Ugandan needy. It has a vision of promoting and improving the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Uganda by empowering life and transforming communities with a holistic approach.

Tuyambe has been able to achieve its different goals and objectives through diverse projects as well as partnerships that enable it to reach out to its beneficiaries. Through seven programs, it executes its vision and these are; charitable public relations, healthcare, water and sanitation program, education and sponsorship, childcare, material donations and the Pen Pal program.

Under the Charitable public relations program, Tuyambe is able to visit local communities and share with them. This is done through trainings and distribution of materials as well as raising awareness about many issues that affect the lives of the locals in the different communities that are visited. The Nonprofit Public Relations program is carried out three times every year and the materials distributed include food, agricultural equipment and seeds, clothing among others. The organization also takes time to interact and have fun with the people in the different communities due to the belief that there is a lot that can be learnt from local communities as you take time to immerse in their daily activities. During these visits and outreaches, Tuyambe also offers free health services such as free vaccinations and maternal services on the non-profit public relations days.

Health care is critically paid attention to by Tuyambe as it believes that “A child`s health is a key determinant of their success.” As a result, Tuyambe takes the health of orphans and children at risk seriously. Its health care program also extends to widows, the elderly and persons living with HIV/AIDS etc. Under this program, Tuyambe aims at providing free medical support to disadvantaged persons. All this is based on the background that the most common causes of death in Uganda, South Sudan and Burundi are HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria which are preventable and treatable. Other factors that drove the need for this program are the lack of accessible food, water, basic and preventive health services.

Tuyambe also has a water and sanitation program through which it aims at providing clean water for disadvantaged schools, health centers and communities which face shortage of clean and safe water. It has been recorded that around 4,500 children die daily from unclean water and lack of sanitary facilities. Tuyambe thus seeks to challenge these statistics by making a difference through enabling access to water through building wells and boreholes for endangered communities and schools, and where that goal has been met, Tuyambe goes ahead to train local schools in better hygiene, skills like hand washing and menstrual hygiene.

Education and sponsorship is another responsibility that Tuyambe has taken upon itself, through supporting orphans and children at risk who have a passion to achieve their academic goals, yet are unable to attain them due to financial constraints. This is being done through either partial or full scholarships that are provided to the children and through connecting them to sponsors. Tuyambe encourages sponsors to take up on the role of educating these children regardless of their gender, religion and physical; appearance.

Child Care is another area that Tuyambe seeks to ensure through its partnership with Love Uganda Foundation. Tuyambe is able to reach many children in various areas due to this partnership, giving donations to the children as well as providing training and guidance on the effects of illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Tuyambe strongly believes that the greatest gift you can give a child is your time and as a result it strongly invests in the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

Material donations are another way in which Tuyambe is able to reach out to communities, supporting the neediest widows and orphans. The sole purpose of this program is to ensure and enable personal hygiene, education and exercise in order for orphans, children and widows of Uganda to maintain their wellbeing. Basing on a needs assessment study, Tuyambe observed that, many widows and orphans are living in dire poverty without the basic needs that every human being needs to live comfortably. As a result, Tuyambe is able to reach out to such persons and provide the basic needs that are required for them to be healthy.

Through its partnership with Love Uganda Foundation, Tuyambe has a pen pal program which enables the 30 children at the orphanage to have a personal relationship with someone in Germany, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA etc. This program is specifically designed for those who wish to communicate with an orphan and it also enables the orphans to have a friend, and family away from Mukono. This program is limited to Christian followers.

Seeing as Tuyambe is definitely heeding to the call of many Ugandans for help and support, there is a collective duty for humanitarians to reach out and partner with it, through their different projects as well as through donations.

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