Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally, which
is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart, without expecting a
reward. When Charity is carried out selflessly, it is a one-way act where a person
gives but asks for nothing in return.

It is this act of nature that makes it precious and soulful. There are people who
believe charity should begin at home but others believe it should originate from the
heart. However, charity originates from the heart as you feel the urge of giving,
begins from home, ultimately extending to others in the society.

Charity begins with the inward recognition of a need to show compassion to others
whether consciously or unconsciously. Everyone has problems, troubles, and grief’s
of some sort in life but charity starts with those who learn to downplay their own
problems, in order to extend compassion, kindness, and love to help others. Hence
some people set aside their own pains to relieve the pain of others.
Purpose of Charity:

Charity is essential and therefore meant to be done for public benefit, relief and to
provide assistance to people at times of need in any part of the world, especially
those orphans who are the victims of , hunger, disease, poverty, by supplying them
with food, shelter, medical aid, and other fundamental needs.

Such charitable purposes can gain momentum from advancing the education of
young people for the public benefit by making grants and awards to students in
full-time education. When considering poverty in the developing world, people
feel deep sorrow but seem to put no effort whatsoever to reduce or eradicate the

Poverty in today’s world has turned out to be sinister and we lay passive
towards the problem, therefore such attitude has made us powerless to stop it.

Since this world has been created it’s been unequal in every way and there will
always be rich and poor, strong and weak living together. While poverty is extreme
and widespread, let’s not forget just how many rich and wealthy people there are in
the developed world capable of giving. It’s high time we realize the power
that we have in our hands when pooled together.

When everyone is giving to an effective charity, the size of our donation would
directly correspond to the number of people we are able to help. We don’t have to
be a millionaire to make a significant difference. Just as every drop in the ocean counts to form a vast water mass, even small donations have the potential to drastically improve an individual’s quality of life.

The greatest gift to our community would be when we contribute to making lives
better; when we touch lives by the dint of donations or charity, spreading light to
Non-profits, charitable organizations, and NGOs often staffed by volunteers
dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, poor children, adults, orphans, and
the homeless in the USA must be funded to reduce human sufferings. They provide
children and families with clothing, food, education, shelter, and teachings.
Through love, motivation, and opportunities they help people thrive and become
self-sufficient, and on interested in the process of saving lives.

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